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PURE LIFE HI-FI offers its customers (the “Customer”) the chance to experience the Phantom I range, if not pleased or satisfied with item purchased or item differs from specified, item is damaged in the process of shipping, then you deserve the right to return the Product for a full refund within the first fourteen (14) days following:

The date of purchase in a physical store and upon proof of purchase;

The date of receipt of the Product in the case of an online order at WWW.PURELIFEHIFI.COM (the “Website”)

The 14 Day Trial Period applies to any of the products in our store.


How to take advantage of the 14 Day Trial Period?


1/ Purchase one or more Products(s) on our Website or from a Pure Life Hi-Fi retail store

2/ Are you not satisfied with our Product? If you purchased your Product from our Website or from a Pure Life Hi-Fi retail store, contact us within the 14 Day Trial Period and we will arrange the return of that Product.

3/ If you purchased your Product from our store, then kindly read our terms and conditions.

4/ Once the Product has been received and evaluated by our teams, and provided that the Product purchased comply with the requirements of the 14 Day Trial Period mentioned below, a full refund will be processed to the Customer within fourteen (14) days from the receipt of the Product.

Requirements for a return and full refund during the 14 Day Free Trial Period:

The Product and its original packaging, including the box with which it was delivered, the box cover and the dust bag, must be returned in their original state. Pure Life Hi-Fi Store reserve the right to refuse or reduce the reimbursement in the event of non-compliance with these requirements.

The Customer is solely responsible for any shipping fees, custom duties and miscellaneous taxes for the return of a Product transported outside the Customer’s country of domicile. All fees for a Product return to Pure Life Hi-Fi shall be borne by the Customer in the event where the Customer places the order from a country where he is not domiciled or in the event where the Customer purchases the Product in one country but transports the Product to another country which is not the country of original purchase. Such returns must initially be made by informing Pure Life Hi-Fi who will inform the Customer on how to do a proper return. All returns by the Customer are to be made with an accredited shipper that provides a tracking number. The Customer is solely responsible for ensuring that the Product arrives safely at Pure Life Hi-fi return center.

The 14 Day Trial Period only applies to a single Product at the time of purchase. Notwithstanding the provisions of any general or special law to the contrary, the 14 Day Trial Period may only be applied to one purchase occasion per customer and may not be extended or unfairly repeated, independent of the quantity or range of the Product purchased.

If you purchased your Product from our online store or from one of our Pure Life Hi-fi :- For claims, please contact Pure Life  Hi-Fi via its main website at HTTP://PURELIFEHIFIC.COM

Address: Calle, CÁDIZ 6 Vecindario, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 35110, Spain

Additional information:

Pure Life Hi-Fi Store reserves the right to, at any time, and at its sole discretion make any modification to this offer or/and suspend it, with no obligation to justify its decision and no liability resulting from such modification or/and suspension. In the event of a suspension of the 14 Day Trial Period, Pure Life Hi-Fi will communicate the expiration date of the 14 Day Trial Period. The right of withdrawal will comply with applicable regulations and the general terms and conditions of sale.