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Dartzeel NHB 108



Source: Walker Proscenium Gold turntable; Walker Reference phono preamp; Clearaudio Reference Wood cartridge; Magic Diamond cartridge
Preamp: VTL 7.5 Reference
Amp: VTL S-400; darTZeel NHB-108 [on review]
Speakers: Wilson X-2 Alexandria
Cables: Speaker Cables – Transparent Opus, Omega Mikro Ebony; Interconnect to amp – Transparent XL w/MM; interconnect phono to pre – Omega Mikro
Stands: Michael Green racks, VPI phono stand, Zoethecus
Powerline conditioning: Furman Balanced Power, Walker Audio Velocitor, PS Audio 300
Sundry accessories: Valid Points resonance control discs; ASC tube traps; Echo Buster absorbent and diffuser panels; Argent Room Lens; separate 90-amp sub panel feeding five dedicated cryo’d outlets; Loricraft Model 4 record cleaner
Room size: 22′ x 17′ x 8′ (double sheetrock on 2″x 6″ framing in basement)


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